Thank you from your 2019-20 Seneca award recipient.

Award name: CSAE Trillium Chapter Award

Student recipient: Rabia Naimullah

Program: Faculty of Business, Non-Profit and Social Sector Management

My name is Rabia and I’m a student at Seneca College’s Newnham campus, studying in the Faculty of Business. I truly enjoy my education here at Seneca. Some of the favourite courses that I took have been Fundamentals of Project Management, Financial Management, and Computer Applications. I have a deep respect for the emphasis Seneca puts on applied education. I see the value of my education unfolding as I engage in each course, project, and assignment. I also enjoy the vibrant community at Seneca. The friends I’ve made, the professors I’ve learned under, the classmates I work with, and the guest speakers I’ve engaged with have all been from extremely diverse and unique backgrounds that bring so much insight into my education.

I’m enthusiastic about enriching experiences, and my education is simply one of them. I spend my time hiking, canoeing, and kayaking and photographing my adventures. I often read non-fiction books in science, politics, human geography, and history. I have a strong reverence for scientific methods and inquisitiveness for the universe. For me, life is one enormous classroom.

I thank you for your generous donation. Currently, I’m working part-time alongside my studies to pay for my education, and your donation has greatly supported me with my tuition and the Work Integrated Learning fees that I incurred. I will begin my Work Integrated Learning (co-op) internship in May to begin my career in the social sector. Thanks to your donation, my financial burden will feel a lot lighter. I will feel more empowered to accept a job not just for its pay but for the value it will provide for my career.

I’m grateful for Seneca College for giving me the wonderful opportunity to succeed, grow, and be recognized for my achievements and I thank you for giving us your continued support.

Yours gratefully,
Rabia Naimullah

Seneca Advancement & Alumni
[email protected]