Change Has Changed: Equipping Leaders to Lead Through Constant Change

Recently, The Talent Company, a Career Partners International Firm, proudly hosted a webinar for business leaders and HR professionals presented by Liane Davey, PhD, bestselling author, keynote speaker, HBR contributor and well-known as a highly respected Specialist in team effectiveness, strategy, and leadership development.

In that session, Liane spoke about how the degree of change in our current environment has placed new pressures on leaders, leaving organizations with a great opportunity to build change management competency in support of enabling growth and resiliency.  The following includes some details on how change has changed as well as how leaders can support their teams through perpetual change.

How Change Has Changed:

While many elements of change have remained the same, Liane Davey offers that “the difference now is that we have so few opportunities to rest and recover from change. There are so few calm moments when our arousal and anxiety levels can go back to normal. We seldom get to the point of routine, automatic habit—we’re always on a learning curve.”  Learn more about how change has changed.

Leading Through Change

Liane has offered the following 3-part process to provide leaders with some insights on how to support their teams through the tsunami of change we are all experiencing:

Part 1: Take Time to Reflect

In Liane’s own experience “leaders are too quick to jump into action and spend insufficient time reflecting on their own reactions to change. This sets them up to be saying one thing while believing another—a deadly combo that erodes trust and stalls change efforts.”  Read more insights on the importance of reflection.

Part 2:  Reframe

Leaders benefit from doing the work of reframing how they’re thinking about the change. Find more insights into the importance of reframing.

Part 3: Focus on Resilience

Lastly, Liane offers the formula of Refocus, Reset, Refresh and Renew to build and support resiliency.  Learn more details on this approach.

Final Thoughts for Leaders

While a lot is asked of leaders as they support team members, it is important to highlight the role and expectations of leaders as well as put some limits on what is expected of them.  Liane offers some key conversational strategies on how to support teams, without falling into the trap of taking on the role of therapist.

The Talent Company works in partnership with Liane Davey of 3COze to offer team and leadership effectiveness programs to support organizations, teams, and leaders. 

For more details on our programs, please contact Liane Taylor, Practice Leader for Leadership & Coaching at [email protected].