Communication Fundamentals: A hands-on learning experience

By: Emma Roberts, DES

Recently, the PDX Committee was delighted to welcome Marlene Oliveira, Communications Advisor and copywriter from moflow, to present at a breakfast seminar on the topic “Getting your non-profit organization’s communications fundamentals in order.” The session was kindly sponsored by the Marriott Courtyard.

Along with fellow CSAE members and guests, I rolled up my sleeves for some hands-on learning. Marlene’s workshop gave us the opportunity to reflect on our current communications approaches and how they can be improved upon. We considered questions around using your Association’s strategic plan and priorities to guide marketing communications decisions, as well as consulting your organization’s brand strategy when making creative, messaging or content decisions.

Marlene spoke to both the theories behind some of the fundamental areas she was taking the audience through, and allotted time for quick group discussions. These group discussions allowed us to learn from each other and share the different approaches of our various organizations.

While reinforcing some of the work we already do with our clients, I was also reminded of the importance of staying on top of this area for our own AMC. As Marlene and I discussed at the breakfast, often the shoemaker’s children go barefoot!

By continually ensuring we strategically use the frameworks and tools we have in place for our organizations and for our clients, we will ensure our communications are robust and strengthen our messaging.

Some resources from the session included:

You can check out Marlene’s blog about communications fundamentals and sign up for her email updates (at the bottom of the page) here:

Emma Roberts, DES is the Vice- President at Base Consulting and Management Inc. She is also a member of the CSAE Trillium PDX Committee and CSAE Awards Committee