What Does A $25 Million Upgrade Look Like?

The City of London is the jewel of Ontario’s convention scene.  Whether or not you have visited before, the recent combined $25 million investment made by the downtown convention partners  makes this city worth a (second) look, and at the core of the convention scene is the London Convention Centre (LCC), which contains 70,000 square feet of flexible meeting & event space.

The LCC has a reputation of providing world class service to all who step foot inside the facility. Their goal is to delight guests with every act, and their ongoing success of creating raving fans attests to their achievement in reaching this goal.  The $5 million first floor upgrade is the final piece of the newly improved downtown convention scene.  Coupled with the combined $20 million renovations seen this past year by the Delta London Armouries and DoubleTree by Hilton, London has further demonstrated its dedication to providing the highest quality convention experience. Delta with a brilliant combination of historic architecture and modern design is now Delta Mode offering 220 rooms with a sleek, intuitive design.

The DoubleTree is connected to the LCC by a pedway. A completely new hotel after its renovation, with 323 rooms and over 30,000 square feet of meeting space.

The finished LCC renovation encompasses more modern, flexible and accessible spaces to meet the needs of sophisticated audiences. With a 33,000 square foot ballroom located on the second level, the new main level houses up to 14 breakout rooms, making the LCC a place where events and conferences run with ease, no matter how large the scale.

The meetings and hospitality industry has a cycle of development that each facility needs to follow in order to remain successful in a highly competitive landscape. Retooling and changing the offerings of facilities such as the London Convention Centre is imperative in driving the City’s meeting and convention business forward and the LCC partners with Tourism London in all convention promotions.

The LCC’s new first level floor plan has four distinct spaces that can be divided a number of different ways using moveable walls, allowing clients to achieve a room size to fit their needs.  The focal point of the new space is an open central foyer, boasting natural light, which can be separated into three rooms.  This space can house three separate breakout sessions by day, and host an elegant stand up cocktail reception by night.  The new salon spaces also include a digital hearing assistance system laid directly into the floor. This will allow guests with digital hearing aids to tap directly into the audio system of the event automatically upon stepping into the room. Access to power and internet has become easier, with more access points in the walls and floors. These initiatives will help to further improve the overall client experience.

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