Calling All Presenters – Complete the 2020 Summer Summit RFP for Speakers


Request for Proposal – Presenters 2020 Annual Summer Summit
July 15 – 17, 2020
Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, ON

 The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) is the professional association for association executives in Canada. CSAE Trillium is the largest network of CSAE and has national associations as its members as well as regional, provincial and local associations, charities, service agencies and other not-for-profits. CSAE Trillium is made up of more than 1,340 members – a mixture of 80% association executives and 20% business members

CSAE Trillium is inviting proposals from speakers/facilitators/presenters for the 15 th Annual Summer Summit 2020, being held on July 15-17, 2020 at Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, Ontario.

Attendees are looking for new ideas and a level of conversations to advance their combined efforts to better support their association, their members and volunteers. Attendees include Executive Members – who are individuals who work for associations (professional, trade, special interest, charity) of varying sizes and scopes (provincial, national, large, small) and Business Members who are individuals who supply services to the, not for profit sector (for example, IT providers; meeting space providers – hotels, convention centers; consultants – strategic, HR; insurance brokers; lawyers; etc). All proposals should indicate which audience the session is geared to – Executive, Business, or both.

Attendees, both executive and business are looking to be inspired to develop new strategies and take away tools, great tips and sources for continued support.

Attendees range from Chief Staff Officers and Senior Management to future leaders of the association sector, and business members who represent many products and services that are geared to associations. Business members join the association to gain visibility, credibility, exposure and professional recognition and are influential among their peers and potential clients.

When submitting your session proposal, please take the following topic areas into consideration. Presentations should be tailored to advance and intermediate audiences; please indicate the level within your proposal. Case studies are very popular with our members. We have provided some recent key trends and other suggested topics for the Summer Summit concurrent sessions for your consideration, however, please feel free to submit other sessions that you feel are appropriate for this audience.

We are also including the 44 CSAE CAE competencies that identify excellent association management. This may help you decide on a topic in your proposal.

Key Trends and Issues (not a complete list)

  • Better ways to use your smartphone for business. Things you don’t know about your smartphone (for example – how to tell what is running in the background and using up the battery, how to protect your privacy by using xxx features etc)
  • Virtual Meetings – good, bad and your experience, Best Practice Sharing 101, Integration of new generation into executive positions
  • The challenges around building true community in a social media age when younger members and potential members are not interested in face to face relationships will be critical to the continued viability of many associations and require more attention.
  • Organizational design of associations. How are different organizations organizing their staff e.g the communications
  • Developing and managing non-dues revenue sources is critical to associations’ financial well – being. Ideas for alternative revenue sources as well as tactics for evaluating and managing these sources would be of interest to attendees (Executive Members)
  • In our ever-increasingly connected world there can be a sense that we are bombarded with too much e-mail and other electronic communications, sessions on managing these communications as well as achieving a work-life balance and ensuring good mental health would be of interest to attendees (Executive and Business Members)
  • Finding leaders for the future is a key topic of interest and would include succession planning, mentoring/coaching, evaluating competencies of staff and/or volunteers,
  • In trade associations there are often caps on membership dues and a need to maintain “fair” dues which can hinder a trade association’s ability to generate dues revenue, sessions focused on managing and overseeing dues for these associations would be of interest. This would include illustrating the ROI of membership. (Executive Members)
  • With increasing financial pressures in the sector, association member companies and individuals continue to cut back, sessions focused on “doing more with less” and finding efficiencies would be of interest. (Executive Members, dependent on focus area could also appeal to Business Members)
  • Career services are an increasingly in-demand tool by members to advance their careers and by associations as sources of non-dues revenue. Sessions exploring career planning or case studies evaluating career services as a stakeholder benefit would be of interest (Executive Members and Business Members dependent on focus area)
  • Disrupters – how to recognize and evaluate potential disrupters in your industry; the impact that technology is having on various sectors; the need for environmental scans to determine changes in a sector; sessions dealing with advances in technology, processes, etc. (Executive and Business Members)
  • Cyber Security – including practices to ensure that your association/business is protected; sessions dealing with appropriate technology and practices to put into place, etc. (Executive and Business Members)
  • Association Management Systems – why are we still challenged with finding the right one?, how to evaluate potential vendors, what to include in your RFP and planning process, alternative routes, advances in technology, etc. (Executive Members)
  • Privacy!!!

General Topics

Personal Development   

  • Health Issues/Stress Management
  • Dealing with personalities in the workplace
  • Leadership
  • Facilitating effective dialogues/conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence
Operations, Administration, Legal and Financial

  • Financial Strategy, Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Changing times for sponsorship revenues
  • Risk Management Models & Compliance
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Strategies for small associations
  • Non-Dues Revenues
  • Legislation – Corporate, Labour, AODA,

  •  Strategic Planning
  • Electronic Voting & Elections
  • Is your Association in a Rut of Complacency
  • Balancing strategy & accountability
  • Leading your Board through change
  • Conflict of Interest among Directors
  • Agenda Redesign
  • Board Portals
  • Effective Board Nominations & Evaluations
Human Resources & Member Management

  • Employment Contracts
  • Member engagement strategies that work
  • Succession Planning not the why but the how
  • Determining & communicating member value
  • Engaging younger workers and members
  • Award & Volunteer Recognition Programs
  • Conflict resolution & dealing with difficult people
  • Business models to meet the challenges

  • Technology priorities for Associations
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Best Practices for Non-profit Video
  • Revamping your web content strategy
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing – risks, benefits
  • Evaluating your website
  • Mobile Event Apps
  • Time management in the Digital Age
  • Social media to increase business
Marketing, Communications & Branding  

  • Content Creating & Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Communications & Branding Building
  • Creating & implementing a communications strategy

Speaker Qualifications:

  • The association is looking for sessions suitable for the not-for-profit sector. The mix matters and the collective diversity among our speakers is one of the great strengths that CSAE Trillium strives to offer.
  • Presentations cannot be sales
  • CSAE Trillium welcomes proposals from association executives, suppliers, consultants and professional speakers. Please note that CSAE Trillium does not pay any speaker fees
  • Knowledge of the topic area and speaking skills are expected to be strong
  • It is not essential that you have had the previous speaking experience but a desire to share your insights and ideas, plus a demonstration of how you will engage the audience and invite interaction will be highly
  • Presentations not related to the educational streams described above will be considered if the content, speaker and/or topic are relevant and of interest to our members, both business and executive. Please note: Where ever possible, workshop Sessions should be interactive and allow for delegates to work in small

Sessions Schedule

There will be 16-20 concurrent sessions and two-three plenary keynote speaker sessions over the two days of the Summit. We are seeking speakers for both concurrent sessions and plenary keynote speakers.

Selection Process

We ask that you submit your proposal by end of business day Friday, February 14, 2020. Each submission will initially be reviewed by a team of volunteers. You will be notified on the status of your submission by end of business day Friday, March 13, 2020

Speaker Recognition

Invited speakers will be recognized through the following:

  • Promotion of the 2020 Trillium Network Summer Summit
  • Recognition at the summit and post-Summer Summit in the Network’s FORUM E-Magazine

Speaker(s) Fee

Two-night stay at the host venue, conference meals, reimbursement for transportation at the rate of 52 cents per kilometer and complimentary registration for the event. Please note mileage is capped at $200 maximum per session.

Speaker Expectations

Please note that all accepted speaker(s) are expected to agree to all of the following terms:

  • Meet all posted dates and deadlines
  • Allow for interaction among the attendees (at a minimum, a Q&A portion must be included)
  • Session evaluations are taken seriously. We ask participants to rate the education sessions and content leaders on a 1-7 scale (1-extremely dissatisfied/7-extremely satisfied). The goal is for all content leaders to receive a 4.0 or higher rating
  • Please use the list of the 44 Competencies for Association Executives and indicate which competency(ies) your session will deliver

Should you have any questions regarding this RFP, please contact Tracy Blyth, CAE, Executive Director at: 647- 346-2723 or by email at [email protected].

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: End of business day Friday, February 14, 2020. Please submit your proposal to: [email protected]

Potential presenters may be invited to discuss their submission with the committee in late February Final selection of speakers will be made on or before Friday, March 13, 2020.



RFP SUBMISSION FOR SPEAKERS (please follow this RFP format)

SPEAKER(S) CONTACT INFORMATION. Please provide contact information for all potential speakers.

First Name:

Last Name Title:




Links to Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, website, etc):

About the Speaker(s):

A brief bio on the speaker(s), including websites and social media, if applicable, to be no more than 50-75 words, suitable for printing in the conference program to promote the event and your session.

Important: Please provide a link to an online video of the speaker presenting to an audience. If this is not available please tell us why.


Session Title:

Session Overview/Description: No more than 100 words (to be used in conference program)

Please describe how this a hot topic for the sector and why this session is important for our audience (200 words or less).

Key Takeaways:

Please complete this sentence: After attending this session, participants will be able to: Takeaway 1:

Takeaway 2:

Takeaway 3:

Using the list of 44 key association executive competencies, please identify which competencies your session relates to:

How will you keep the energy level up in the room? (100 words or less)

While you are the speaker(s) for this proposed session, we recognize there is a great deal of knowledge among the attendees. As such how will you engage the participants and allow them to network, connect and learn from one another?

Session Format (100 words or less)

Please describe the session format which you would like to use (panel, workshop, etc.). Please indicate the amount of time you will require for your session (60, 75, or 90 minutes).

Audience Participation (100 words or less)

To help set attendee expectations, please articulate just how much audience participation will be required during your session. Think about how much time will be spent in a small group dialogue at their tables, in activities around the room or event just QÆ where the session will rely on audience interaction and participation

Target Audience (100 words or less):

Who is this session designed for? Association Executive, Business Members or both. Large associations, small associations or both. Explain how this session will meet the needs of the audience(s) you’ve specific.

Please submit your proposal to [email protected]

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