CSAE Trillium Chapter Volunteers Get Back as Much as They Give

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We Salute You

April is official Volunteer Month and I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to each and every one of the volunteers who work tirelessly for CSAE’s Trillium Chapter.  Thank you for your time, your commitment and your support. Volunteering is valuable, both for the chapter and for the volunteers. In advance of National Volunteer month (April) we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize, celebrate and thank our wonderful volunteers.  Volunteers are very important to the Trillium Chapter and we appreciate your dedication, expertise, knowledge and passion! Read on to see what some of our volunteers have to say about the volunteer experience.


Volunteering with CSAE has turned a business community into a place that feels like home. The unexpected benefit of my various CSAE Trillium volunteer experiences has been the amazing education I have received on what it takes to run a successful Association. From creating a sponsorship program to orchestrating member programs, each experience helps me better able to serve my clients and excel in my personal volunteering experiences.
-Rebecca Alexander, Business Development Manager
Meetings & Conventions Prince Edward Island

Since I have become a volunteer with the Trillium Chapter, I have gained a much greater insight into the workings behind the wonderful events we hold such as the PDX offerings and the very popular Summits.  I have had the privilege of working on the speakers selection team and realized what a difficult task it is to choose the right speaker for the right session and have transferred some of this experience into other aspects of my professional life. Because of my involvement as a volunteer, I am much more engaged as a member and have really maximized the benefits of my membership.
-Kathleen Douglass, Manager, Volunteer Engagement
Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

Our CSAE fellowship is so resilient and enduring that after a decade’s absence from CSAE, it’s as if I’ve been involved all along. It’s a pleasure to volunteer again.
-Lynne Gale, CMM, Director of Conventions
Tourism London

The CSAE membership has many amazing people, and I got wonderful chances to get to know some of them better by helping to organize a Summer Summit, and by providing government relations input. I’ve been delighted to give back to an organization that provides me with such great professional development and colleagues.
-Jane Garthson
President, Garthson Leadership Centre

I am a new member of CSAE and upon joining was immediately welcomed by a warm and involved membership. I tell my association members the best way to learn about an association and get value from your membership is to dive right in. CSAE has provided that opportunity to me – a hands-on volunteer experience with enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues – who are now friends.
-Randi Glass, CMP, CAE, Executive Director
Canadian Defence Lawyers

Volunteering with the Trillium Chapter has been an amazing and rewarding experience! It has given me the opportunity to hone my skill set in a safe and nurturing environment.  Through my volunteer efforts, I have met many wonderful members (both executive and business) who are willing to lend a hand, offer advice and help with brainstorming solutions.  Volunteering with the Chapter has helped me build upon my skills and network and has also offered me the opportunity to make lasting friendships.
-Rebecca Harris, CAE, Executive Director
Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth

As a volunteer with the Trillium Chapter, I feel blessed on two fronts: personally, where I have made many friends in an environment of mutual respect and values, and professionally, where we have been trusted by many members to help them with their websites and databases. I also feel challenged occasionally to take on tasks and projects that stretch my own experience and skills, to try new things in service to the chapter membership.
-Kevin A. Jackson, Senior partner,
Biz-Zone Internet Group Inc.

When people think of volunteering, they might not think of what they get back however, from my experience it’s been huge.  It’s been about opportunities to meet with colleagues who are in the same sector, with the same challenges.  It’s been about opportunities to brainstorm about how to overcome some of those challenges.  It’s also been about opportunities to make new friends and about personal growth.  So if you are out there wondering whether or not you should get involved … by all means please do – you will be glad that you did.
-Joan Lee, CAE, Director of Operations
Direct Sellers Association of Canada

Volunteering with CSAE is absolutely the best method of gaining experiential knowledge directly related to our industry. It’s also a great and very efficient method of building your network of colleagues and suppliers to the association industry. And most importantly, it’s very fun!!
-Maura McLaren, CAE, Executive Director & CEO
Real Estate Institute of Canada

I have been volunteering with the CSAE Trillium Chapter for over five years and it has been the best experience to date in my career as an association executive. It has provided me with the opportunity to further my skills and knowledge, in addition to building important relationships with my peers and suppliers. I bring more value back to my work as an Executive Director through my involvement with the Chapter. I plan on continuing as a volunteer while continually changing my volunteer roles to allow me to expand in my career.
-Serge S. Micheli, CAE, CEM, President,
Association and Events Management 

Being a CSAE Trillium Volunteer allows me to give back to a group (associations) that gives me so much. Professional and personally, I am so proud to be surrounded by such a genuine group. How can I not want to give back?  As a result, I have been able to make great friends and had success in business earned.
-Sandra Moniz ,CMP, Business Development Manager, Eastern Canada
Meetings + Conventions Calgary

Volunteering on various Winter & Summer Summit committees over the past several years has allowed me to connect with Association Executives while working towards the common goal of executing a spectacular event for the Trillium Chapter.  By walking in the shoes of a conference planner, I have gained invaluable insight to the lives of our association clients.  I have also developed friendships with the Executive and Business members that also give their time and energy to these events.
-Paula Racher, Manager, Meetings & Conventions
Niagara Falls Tourism

My Great-Grandfather, Rudolph Burke a leader in the founding of both the Jamaican Agricultural Society and one of the country’s main political parties would often tell his children – “everyone must serve”. And so he did, and his example has trickled down. But, while I began to volunteer with the Trillium Chapter out of a sense of duty, the benefits have far outweighed the long hours, skipped weekends and extra work load. I met my current employer while serving on the Chapter’s Board together – and, I must say, I love my job!  The unstoppable Kayley O’Brien has become a dear friend beyond the board table. Winning the Emerging Talent Award in 2011 and Chairing the 2013 Summer Summit will not be easily topped! From the Summer Summit Committee, to the Government Relations Committee, to the Communications Committee and the Board of the Chapter – I have found ample challenges to build new skills and new relationships. Volunteering with the CSAE Trillium Chapter continues to be an exciting and worthwhile part of my life.
-Danielle S. Russell, Senior Association Manager,
Association and Events Management

Volunteering for the chapter has connected me to so many great people and given me the opportunity to do what I love to do – be involved!  It is often said what you put into something is what you get out of it. Well, I have gotten so much more than I could ever hope for – meaningful connections, a wealth of knowledge on association management and wonderful friendships.
-Susan Saganski, CMP National Account Director, Corporate Group and Associations
Delta Hotels and Resorts

 I left a corporate job for the association world just over two years ago. Becoming a member of CSAE was the best thing I did as I transitioned over to a career in associations. Being a volunteer on the Awards Dinner Committee for the Trillium Chapter gave me the opportunity to meet new people and learn from many different colleagues who work in associations. I look forward to many more opportunities of growth thanks to being a part of the Trillium Chapter.
-Mercedes Sturges, Conference and Events Manager
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs

I chose to volunteer for the CSAE Trillium Summer Summit this year and I have had a lot of fun getting to know other members. Being on a committee for me has been an incredible learning experience and a great way to meet other members. I enjoy sharing skills, experience and ideas with like-minded people. Together as a team we hope to bring you an outstanding experience at this years’ Summer Summit! I encourage you to volunteer and make a positive impact in our industry.|
-Tina Wakeford, Manager, Resort & Convention Sales – Associations
Caesars Windsor

Volunteering at CSAE – Trillium Chapter has been a really smart move, both professionally and personally.  I’ve been afforded opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge, to broaden my network, and to contribute to the development of the Chapter.  Thanks to the experiences on committees and on the board, I have been able to bring new ideas back to my organization.  (Thanks for making me look good!)  Having said all that, what I value most is the relationships with other association executives and suppliers.  I have met many smart, kind, and generous people all of whom make my volunteer work more rewarding and enjoyable.  Let’s face it, it’s the people who really make a difference.  Glad there are so many great ones at the chapter!
-Rozalyn Werner-Arcé, CAE, Executive Director
Epilepsy Ontario

I have gained a number of friends and built on my relationships with both clients and other suppliers through my volunteering at Trillium chapter. Wonderful experience.
-Denise Wiese, Account Director Provincial Associations
Tourism Toronto

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