CSAE Trillium Professional Development Bursary

By Rebecca Harris, CAE

The CSAE Trillium Professional Development Bursary (previously called the Trillium Gives Back Scholarship) was launched in 2012. The Bursary provides an opportunity for the CSAE Trillium Network to recognize and support the efforts of its members (both executive and business) through a bursary program.

The bursary program is available to both new and long standing members regardless of past involvement in CSAE Trillium activities. The bursaries can be used by members to help with attendance at CSAE Trillium Events, CSAE National Events in Ontario or enrollment in the CAE® program.

Since the launch of the program 87 bursaries have been awarded. Of the 87 bursaries, 72 were awarded to executive members and 15 have been awarded to business members. The bursaries have been used by members to access a variety of CSAE programs. Approximately, 50% of the bursaries have been used towards participation in Trillium’s Winter and Summer Summits, 25% have been put towards attendance at PDX events, and 25% have gone towards attendance at the National CSAE conference or enrollment in the CAE® program.


It is important to note that, current members of the CSAE Trillium Network Council or the application selection committee are not eligible to apply for the bursary.  As well, any CSAE Trillium member can only receive a bursary or previous TGB scholarship twice within any five year period.

The bursaries are available through an application process that includes critiera based on both merit and need. Each year, the selection committee meets to review applications to the program against selection criteria. The following criteria are considered in determining a recipient:

  • ENGAGEMENT: The individual has been or would like to be engaged in the CSAE Trillium Network through attending events, participating on committees and/or programs.
  • LEADERSHIP: The individual shows qualities or is striving to develop qualities that exemplify leadership, motivation and inspiration related to participation in the CSAE Trillium Network or the association sector.
  • NEED: The individual demonstrates some degree of financial need. i.e. may not be able to participate without the TPDB program funds.
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Any notable achievements within the applicant’s association, community or  previous career/education.

In 2020, up to twelve $500 TGB bursaries will be awarded to executive members and business members.  The application deadline is April 30, 2020.