A Day in the Life of a FORUM Committee Member


Picture this: you’re a new CSAE member and know literally no one in the association. You think of ways to meet new people…you might be a little shy, might not know where to start. You read an article in the FORUM that focuses on committee recruitment. You think “Hey, this might be something I could do”. You then reach out to someone on the committee and tell them you might be interested.

This is the ask!  If you are looking to join a committee that focuses on connecting members, building contacts and sharing best practices, this is the one for you! The FORUM committee meets monthly over the phone to collaborate on future FORUM newsletters. In this role, you have the ability to connect with new members and longtime members … and have fun at the same time!

Here is your commitment. The average FORUM committee call is around 34 minutes. 34 minutes a month to influence and engage the entire membership. Outside of the calls, each member is tasked with a small homework list. You may write an article, source an author for a chosen topic, edit someone else’s work, read other articles, write a book report, or more! Here’s the great part, we are a team. If you have busy months, that’s ok! We know that our lives are busy, we know that at certain times, you can’t be available. We simply ask for engagement and dedication when you can commit.

At the end of the day, it’s not what the association can do for you, but what you can do for the association. We all want to make connections and build relationships. This is your association; engaging in committees makes it better for all of us!

If this got your attention, email Darryl Andree – darryl@brandblvd .ca for more details.


Darryl Andree is the Business Development Manager at Brand Blvd.   He is an active member of the CSAE Trillium FORUM newsletter committee, a diehard fan of Schitt’s Creek, an avid Niagara wine enthusiast and proud uncle to Zorro, the dog who lives across the street.  Darryl loves his job & wakes up every day excited about finding new ways to make his clients look like superstars.