Did You Know: The CSAE Business Model Transition now has its own website?

Boards, F10s (First 10 years), and Growth Associations are the special focus of experiments aimed at added member value and increased member/stakeholder participation. CSAE is adding new information on a regular basis, including a fulsome list of FAQs at www.csaebizmodel.com.

CSAE is running 10 experiments – here are some of the ways you can shape your association:

  • Have your Board members visit the new CSAE Business Transition website to familiarize themselves with CSAE’s initiatives to address the needs of Canada’s not-for-profit community.
  • Ask your Board members and colleagues to view and comment on the site’s training videos aimed at Boards, “F10’s” and growth-oriented organizations. We need their input and involvement!
  • Request that your Board members sign up to CSAE’s BoardREADY newsletter (absolutely free of charge to CSAE Members and Non-Members).
  • Ask association and not-for-profit colleagues to visit CSAE’s BoardREADY Card Deck Campaign initiative on Indiegogo.  Make sure that they are aware of the recent stretch goal announcements.

We’ve even built in a range of options for staying up-to-date with the transition:

  • Subscribe to the website for regular updates.
  • Or connect with CSAE on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

CSAE Trillium Chapter is actively involved in the conversation:

  • Our Chapter Leaders and several volunteers have been engaged in the process, attending teleconferences, webinars and in-person planning sessions.
  • We’re staying in touch via social media: LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Did you Know? was compiled by Danielle S. Russell – Chair of the Trillium Chapter’s Forum Magazine Editorial Content Committee, with special thanks to Stewart Laszlo, Director, Marketing at the Canadian Society of Association Executives.