Did You Know?

Did You Know: the CSAE Trillium Chapter now has a Young Professionals Taskforce? 

On January 15, 2015 the Trillium Chapter board approved Terms of Reference for a Young Professionals Taskforce; the Taskforce is Chaired by Rebecca Harris, and Vice-Chaired by Danielle Russell. Both Rebecca and Danielle are previous winners of the Chapter’s Emerging Talent Award for an Association Executive, and have participated in the F10 (first ten years) working group as part of CSAE National’s Business Model Review.

Volunteers Needed: Do you or someone you know meet the following criteria?

  • Less than 10 years of full-time work experience or under 35 years of age.
  • A Chapter Member (or employee of a Chapter Member) looking to help shape the Trillium Chapter’s Young Professional program (including; education, events and networking, and other member benefits).
  • Interest in creating Young Professional focused or supportive content for Forum E-Magazine and other Chapter communications.
  • Experience or Interest in helping to craft criteria for scholarships and awards.
  • Able to attend 4 meetings per year (in-person or via teleconference) and able to attend 1 or more education and networking events (in-person).

Taskforce Action Plan and Next Steps:

  • Arrange an after-work networking event (to include some tips and tricks): April or May 2015.
  • Provide Advice to the Board of Directors on Scholarship Criteria for a Bursary to be awarded to one or more students in the Seneca College, Nonprofit Leadership and Management program.
  • Provide Advice to the Awards Selection Committee on how to acknowledge and encourage Young Professionals in our Industry.

Get Involved: Contact Rebecca Harris, Chair, Young Professionals Taskforce, CSAE Trillium Chapter.

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The following are excerpts from the CSAE Trillium Chapter, Young Professionals Taskforce, Terms of Reference;


The Young Professionals Taskforce develops programs of interest to young professionals in the association industry. The Taskforce promotes the benefits of membership in CSAE by increasing opportunities for participation and career development, and helps to identify younger industry members who can be encouraged to take an active leadership role in the association.

The Young Professionals Taskforce has the following responsibilities:

  • To explore and advise the Trillium Board on ways that the Chapter can attract and engage young professionals.
  • To provide an opportunity for young professionals to learn and network within the industry.
  • To develop, recommend and assist in conducting educational and professional development programs for young professionals and students.
  • To plan events designed to draw interest, encourage active participation and membership in the Chapter, and add value to the younger members.
  • To work with the Board and other committees as appropriate to help recruit younger members into CSAE.
  • Participate in information and knowledge sharing relevant to young professionals by soliciting and writing articles for Forum.


The Taskforce shall consist of 5 to 10 volunteer members, with every effort being made to ensure that the Taskforce’s membership reflects the diversity of the Chapter’s membership. At least 2/3rds of the membership of the Taskforce should be composed of industry professionals with less than 10 years’ experience or who are under 35 years of age. The Taskforce Chair and Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the Chapter President. The Taskforce shall meet at least four times a year, at the call of the Chair.

The Executive Director for the Chapter is an ex-officio liaison for all committees. The President by virtue of his/her office is an ex-officio member of every committee and taskforce, except for the Nominating and Awards Selection Committee.


  • The Young Professionals Taskforce shall provide the Board of Directors with regular updates and are responsible for ensuring that all events that are offered for young professionals are done so in accordance with the Chapter’s plans and policies.
  • Attend meetings, via conference call (a minimum of 4 meetings per year).
  • Prepare minutes of each meeting to ensure that all relevant content and action items are caught.
  • Organize at a minimum one networking event for young professionals annually.
  • Organize at a minimum two professional development/educational sessions for young professionals annually.
  • Assists the Chapter in content development and maintenance of information relating to young professionals, including web page content for general young professional information, events, and updates.
  • Encourages participation in CSAE through student outreach and developing relationships with colleges who offer association management courses.
  • Encourages young professional involvement in knowledge sharing activities such as authoring papers, presentations, and development of seminars and sessions.

Did You Know? is compiled by Danielle S. Russell – chair of the Trillium Chapter’s Forum Magazine Editorial Content Committee.