Event Management Services

EMS logo (english)Event Management Services is one of Canada’s most innovative event operators.  We offer complete solutions, for clients in both the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors, looking to leverage the power of events.

Our approach is comprehensive, collaborative and transparent.   From strategizing and planning to executing and evaluating, we are recognized for delivering profitable events that thrill participants.

Here is a breakdown of our ability to manage and support your events or shows:

Event Logistics
Planning an event is multi-faceted and includes contract negotiations, supplier management, exhibitor communication, floor plan creation and more.  With dozens of moving parts to oversee, we will handle all aspects of logistics.

Budget and Financial Management
One of our greatest strengths is having the financial expertise to control expenditures and optimize budgets.  Managing your bottom line will always be our top priority, alongside growing your event and increasing profitability.

Exhibit Sales, Billing and Sponsorship Management
Securing exhibitors and sponsors is what drives our sales team.  We have the skills and drive to attract and retain new business, along with state-of-the-art accounting and CRM software.

Marketing and Communications
Attracting the highest number of qualified visitors is the ultimate measure of success.  From paid advertising, to online promotions and more, we will drive traffic to your event, with the right message, in front of the right audience, at the right time.

Social Media Planning
No event plan is complete without a social media strategy that motivates attendees to connect with your event.  In order to leverage the power of social media, we will implement a social media plan that reaches and engages your audience.

Ticket Sales and Cash Handling
A smooth operating and cost-effective box office, that includes both online ticket sales and on-site box office, is essential to the success of any event.  When it comes to managing ticket sales and on-site cash handling, we offer complete solutions.

Public Relations
Storytelling is the engine of public relations success and we are experts at leveraging this medium to drive action.  Working closely with media outlets and PR agencies, we will use this powerful communication tool to secure earned media coverage for your event.

Feature Development
Audiences today expect to be impressed when they walk through your doors.  From ideation to implementation, we have the creative experience to bring feature ideas to life.

Event Staffing
Teamwork is essential to event execution.  And it takes time, dedication and lots of hard work to bring the right combination of skills, talent and personalities together.  Building event teams that can rally around a common goal in our specialty.

On-Site Execution
After months of strategizing and preparation, it all comes down to delivering an outstanding experience for participants.  From move-in to opening day and show weekend to tear down, we are your solution for ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.

Post-Event Reporting
For each and every event we produce, we conduct a thorough post-event review, with detailed conclusions, successes to build upon, challenges to address and actionable-items to tackle moving forward.

Please contact Ray Sriubiskis at [email protected] for more information.