Message from the Chair

By Cindy Gonsalves

Dear Trillium Members

As the leaves fall to the ground and the temperatures start dropping, as we’ve learned to cope with wearing masks and forgoing hugs (oh how I miss hugs), we usher in a new governance year.  I am so honoured to be taking on the role of Trillium Council Chair, and to be a part of a tremendously supportive group of CSAE members who make up the Trillium Council.  To Randi Glass, our newly minted Past Chair, thank you for being a wonderful leader during these trying times, and I’ll be doing my best to follow your example.  And a big thank you to my employer, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Ontario, for being fully supportive of my engagement with CSAE. 

This year we’ve all had to cope with change at a rate and depth that has been transformative.  The global pandemic of COVID-19 came upon us so swiftly, that the changes we’ve all had to make have been stressful, and painful, at times.  This type of change often leads people to try to keep things as they are and preserve the status quo – but being made to look at things differently can bring on rewards that were previously unthinkable.

We are so fortunate that the members of the Trillium Council and our legendary volunteers are some of the most creative thinkers around, who have all rolled up their sleeves to help us deliver programs and services to our community of association executives and business members.  The further along the pandemic journey we go, the more we see the opportunity to deliver programing in a variety of formats. 

I’m looking forward to seeing just how innovative we can be in delivering our programs in a virtual environment for the foreseeable future.  And while we might not all have been early adopters of virtual program delivery, every one of us has ramped up and adapted at an astonishing rate these past few months.  I’m also looking forward to the collaborations we will foster with the staff team at CSAE headquarters as they help us deliver on our vision.

I recall a saying from my childhood, “change is as good as a rest.”  My parents meant that moving onto a different chore would invigorate us, as much as taking a break would (as the list of chores was very long indeed).  And with that in mind – if you’ve hesitated about volunteering with CSAE Trillium in the past, please consider this year to be the one where you step forward.  We all benefit from new perspectives and positive energy.  As I’ve found in my time as a volunteer and Council member, whatever efforts I put in, I received more in return. I believe you’ll find that volunteering will be the change that is as good as a rest.