Navigating Change and Creating a Culture that is Fired Up and Focused on Delivering Exceptional Results
A CSAE Trillium PDX Luncheon

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
11:30 am – 2:00 pm

BMO Institute for Learning
3550 Pharmacy Avenue, Forum Room
Toronto, ON  M1W 3Z3

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Early Bird Registration Deadline: April 6, 2018

Few organizations have a sustainable competitive advantage. There is always another business just down the road offering a similar product or service.

Yet people inherently resist change — even positive change that is beneficial — because it is hard, messy and painful. And we rarely get it right the first time.
It is inevitably much easier to maintain status quo, rather than stick with the tough decisions needed to stimulate and sustain change. This resistance results in frustration, declining engagement and reduced performance.

Yet without change – organizations lose their relevance and cease to thrive and grow. For sustainable change to happen — and to stick — it is essential to stir emotions strongly enough to overcome the natural tendency to slide back into the comfort of old habits.

Join CSAE Trillium as Bill introduces the 3P Change Equation and covers proven principles, real life lessons and bullet-proof systems that tap into the emotions of change and start moving individuals and organizations towards a higher performing culture that wins rave reviews from employees, customers and clients.

You will leave with the strategies and tools to inspire and engage your team to create change, achieve their greatest potential and excelerate continuous improvement.

Meet Bill Hogg:

TRILLIUM0For over 30 years, Bill has been the go-to guy when clients are faced with challenges that require change to achieve next level performance — to improve passion, productivity and performance with their people and bottom-line results.

Bill started his career in the advertising and marketing industry, where he was instrumental in reversing declining market share for a global beer brand, launching a new luxury automobile category, re-positioning Canada’s largest retailer, redefining government service delivery — and more. In fact, he was given the most challenging accounts because of his history of success.

Not simply because of his advertising or marketing skills, but because of his leadership and ability to inspire people to get things done.

Bill uses the combined skills of marketing and persuasion to help clients create sustainable change in their organization to improve passion and productivity with their people and bottom line results.

As a leadership consultant, he has worked internationally at the highest levels as a trusted adviser to some of the world’s most recognized brands that include; Anheuser-Busch InBev, Toronto International Film Festival, HBC Rewards Loyalty & Credit Services, The Bay, McNeil Consumer Healthcare (J&J), Lexus automobiles, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Proctor & Gamble and Pita Pit International – as well as governments like the City of Toronto (CNE, Exhibition Place) and the Province of Ontario (Ontario Place, ServiceOntario).

11:30 am    Registration and Networking (cash bar)
12:00 pm    Opening Remarks and Lunch
1:00 pm    Keynote Speaker
2:00 pm    Closing Remarks

Registration: Before April 6, 2018
CSAE Member – $50
Non-CSAE Member – $63

Registration: After April 6, 2018
CSAE Member – $62
Non-CSAE Member – $75


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