Getting to Know Your Trillium Council – Carolyn Hibbs, PhD

CSAE Trillium Network Council represents members across our regional network. This series of articles will allow you to get to know the volunteers who make up the 2021 Council. Each Council member was asked to answer questions about their professional and personal lives – to share a little of themselves. This Council profile is of Carolyn Hibbs.

Dr. Carolyn Hibbs helps nonprofits improve their governance and operations, drawing from 15 years of leadership experience with student, labour and healthcare focused associations. Connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn.

When asked about her motivation to join the Council, Carolyn stated:

I strongly believe that it’s important to contribute to your community. I also wanted to develop my network, since I’ve had an unusual career path.

When asked what she wished all members knew about the Council, Carolyn responded:

Council strikes an ideal balance of work and fun. Every Council member brings a strong work ethic and a sense of joy and humour to meetings and events.

Other than Council, Carolyn is also involved in the following committees:

Carolyn is the Vice Chair of the Trillium FORUM Committee.

If Carolyn won the lottery, she would:

Share with my friends and family, then travel around the world.

When asked what is something people would be surprised to know about you, Carolyn had the following to say:

I help moderate an online chat group for Pokemon Go in London with 2000 members.

Carolyn’s proudest accomplishment is:

Completing a PhD. Researching and writing a dissertation is truly a marathon, and during the process I gained skills that continue to support me in all areas of my life and work.

When Carolyn has 30 minutes of free time, she likes to:

Read a book or play video games.

When asked what three words her best friend would use to describe her, Carolyn had the following to say:

Principled, grounded, adventurous.

Carolyn is a dedicated passionate volunteer with CSAE and it has been a pleasure getting to know her a little better. We look forward to ‘introducing’ you to the other members of the Trillium Network Council over the next several issues of FORUM.