Halmyre (formerly The Marketing Strategy Group)

“Halmyre is a team of multidisciplinary consultants helping clients solve marketing strategy problems.

Originally named The Marketing Strategy Group, we have evolved from developing classic marketing strategies to supporting integrated thinking with customer-centric service design, data intelligence, creative insight and marketing execution.

We collaborate with service-based organizations of all sizes from across North America with marketing problems that don’t fit neatly into traditional agency solutions.

We are the partners to whom you can entrust those things that need a bit of a push forward, a fresh perspective or just more attention than you have the capacity to give.

Halmyre is a positive statement for helping clients identify, articulate and activate their marketing fundamentals with greater clarity.”

Contact:  Christine Saunders, President, t. 1.866.425.6973, c. 416.220.0592, [email protected],