Holiday Party Planning

By Amanda Cormier

Yes, it is September and many of us are just getting through “back-to-school”. But December really is just around the corner.  We don’t know what pandemic stage we will be in by then, but there’s a good chance (99.99%??) we won’t be doing year-end celebrations in the traditional way. It’s time to be creative, and festive!

Many folks are planning Zoom-style get-togethers – no shop talk allowed. A chance to see colleagues, raise a glass, and have a collegial chat.

Some companies are sending gift cards to staff and saying, “go treat yourself”. In some cases, they are gift cards to restaurants or local food places, in others generic credit card style cards.

CSAE Board Chair, Lori Prospero, shared “We’re planning to order family meals from Hello Fresh to have delivered to our team and then doing a virtual get together.” What a fantastic idea! They’re bringing the holiday dinner to the staff and finding a way to break bread together.

Other suggested plans include virtual wine tasting evenings, cooking classes, and game nights.

CSAE Trillium Network won’t be letting a little thing like a pandemic get in its way. As the holiday committee agreed, “Trillium will always find a reason … and a way … to celebrate!” Details about the event will be coming soon. For now, mark your calendar for December 3, 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

For some of us, well, we’ll just be happy to get to December and the end of 2020.

Amanda Cormier, CAE, is the Director of Communications, Membership, Education and Events at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society. She is the Chair of the FORUM committee and 2nd Vice-Chair of Trillium Council. A Christmas junkie, she sings Christmas carols year-round, has most of her Christmas shopping done, and will approach December as if she hasn’t started planning, although really, she’s sleigh-in it.