Increasing Value for CSAE Business Members: Taking up the Task

Many have heard rumblings of a group of CSAE business members looking at ways to increase the value delivered to business members. As a member of the new Business Members Task Force, which was created earlier this year, I am happy to give you a brief update on recent activities.

  1. Showcase reimagined

A key area of activity has been CSAE’s rethinking of the tradeshow structure. These modifications and new offerings will be on display at the annual conference in Vancouver this October.

For starters, this year you will see an entirely new approach to the exhibition space. The exhibit space will be integrated into the broader conference footprint. As an exhibitor, this is a huge advantage. It means you get to be part of the action throughout the entire conference and not be ‘stationed’ at your traditional booth for four consecutive hours.

  1. Roundtable participation

A second new feature, and this is one that I am particularly excited about, is that business members will be able to take part in the conference program’s new roundtable discussions. As a market research consultant, one of my key goals at the conference is to profile myself as a “thought leader”.  I do this by taking advantage of any opportunity to present my ideas. Round table discussions, scheduled for a Friday morning session, will provide business members with yet another chance to present their knowledge and experience. The final details are being worked out, but stay tuned for further developments in this exciting initiative.

  1. Online Community

Creating yet additional “value-add” for all members alike, is Associations Connect. You may be familiar with “CSAE’s new online forum” where association professionals can gather to share ideas and challenges. Now, executives can also post RFPs in the forum.  Business members can review the posted RFPs and respond to them.  We’ve already seen RFPs on a variety of needs including strategic planning, IT solutions, speakers, website design and more. This is a great way to provide solutions and grow your business by leveraging your CSAE membership.

These are three ways in which business members can increase the value of their membership.

The Business Member Task Force continues to meet to discuss the ongoing needs of the Business member community. They want to hear from you. How do you think CSAE can increase the value of your Business Member membership?

Business member task force members:

Sandra Moniz – [email protected]

Patrick Hauta – [email protected]

Gerald Bramm – [email protected]

Kevin Jackson – [email protected]

Mark Millar – [email protected]

Nancy Bradshaw – [email protected]

Helene Moberg – [email protected]


By: Gerald Bramm
Gerald Bramm is the president of Bramm Research, a firm that conducts marketing research assignments primarily for associations, business publications and B2B companies. A   proud member and sponsor of CSAE, Gerald is
an active volunteer on the business member task force.