Increasing the Value of your CSAE Membership in the Association Executive category

By: Sherry Lucia

Providing excellent membership value is one of the most important ways associations improve recruitment and retention rates. We asked our members what they thought was the best way to increase value and get those most out of their CSAE membership and here’s what they had to say:

The best way to get the most out of your membership is to get involved. CSAE-Trillium offers lots of ways to do that such as volunteering on a committee, attending educational and social events, and actively participating in this forum. Over time, you cannot help but develop a network of friends, colleagues and supports who will prove to be a source of understanding, inspiration and solutions. Bottom line, you get more out of your membership when you participate. So seriously…. take a deep breath and dive in.”

Rozalyn Werner-Arce, Executive Director
Therapeutic Recreation Ontario


Community. Authenticity. Life Long Learning. I get all three from my membership of the CSAE. Associations face different challenges and triumphs than the corporate world; it is supportive and encouraging to share issues either online through the ‘Associations Connect’ website, or in person at one of the numerous networking events held.  We never stop learning, no matter how good we are at our jobs. Recently, I attended a PDX workshop on Managing Risks in Event Contracts, the price of the workshop was very reasonable, breakfast was delectable, and the workshop was incredibly informative. The best part was how the workshop brought together people on both sides of those event contracts for genuine community and we all learned something!

Kendra Shimmin, Manager Membership Services
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada


“To maximize your membership investment, I encourage all CSAE members to get involved by attending events, earning your CAE, contributing to your professional association through volunteering, mentoring, publishing and presenting. Earning my CAE designation allowed me to interact with many other students and associations during discussions and assignments. Contributing to publications, blogs and webinars afforded me the opportunity to raise my profile and share some successes of my association with peers across Canada. Speaking at the conferences was such an honour and a great way for me to meet a lot of fellow members and connect with them through the presentation, discussions, questions and ongoing conversation on the topic after the conference. Volunteer on committees. I have served on the Membership Committee and the Volunteer Management sub-committee and am currently the 2019 conference co-chair. I learned something from each committee’s work and met many new people. One of my new contacts kindly nominated me for Trillium Chapter Emerging Talent Award which I received last year. All these opportunities have deepened my connection with peers and helped me contribute to the advancement of our profession.”

Sarah Lampson, Executive Director
Canadian Association of Research Administrators