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Welcome to Forum’s newest feature! The CSAE Trillium Chapter is a busy organization, between regular email updates, this monthly e-magazine, and special event notices, all of our members get lots of information from us each month. But, still there are lots of interesting facts about the Chapter, that you may not know.

Did You Know: the Nominations Committee follows section 4 of the Chapter’s ‘Governance Policies and Procedures Manual’ when recommending a slate of Board nominees?

The nominations committee is chaired by the immediate past-president who is joined on the committee by past board members and/or other past presidents. Recommendations are made following the criteria set out in sections 4.3 and 4.4.

4.3.         In developing its recommendations, the Nominating Committee shall, after confirming the eligibility of each nominee, give primary consideration to: 

4.3.1.     the willingness of an individual to serve;

4.3.2.     the commitment of the individual to devote the time necessary to the role; and

4.3.3.     the Nominating Committee’s assessment of the individual’s capabilities to serve as Director and potentially Officer. 

4.4.         The Committee shall also consider: 

4.4.1.     individuals’ previous volunteer experience with Trillium:

4.4.2.     relevant volunteer experience in other not-for-profit organizations;

4.4.3.     representational balance among trade, professional, charitable and special interest associations;

4.4.4.     demographic balance on the Board; and

4.4.5.     whether the individual holds or is pursuing the CAE designation.

In addition to the requirements set out in section 4, the chair of the nominations committee generally follows the best-practice of contacting all unsuccessful nominees to discuss the process and to address any concerns they may have.

Any member of the Trillium Chapter who is interested in joining the board is encouraged to put their name forward for nomination. As you will see from the criteria set out in sections 4.3 and 4.4 of the Governance Policies and Procedures manual, there are a few things that members can do to increase their chances of being included on the slate;

Did You Know? is compiled by Danielle S. Russell – Chair of the Trillium Chapter’s Communications Committee.

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