Logan Wealth Management

Logan Wealth Management is an independent investment management firm, focused on providing a high-quality, goals-oriented investment approach to our clients, which include: individuals, industry associations and non-profit organizations.  We are driven to help our clients meet their financial objectives and to do so taking the least amount of risk possible.

Each client receives an individual portfolio, tailored to meet their personal objectives.  We blend this customization with a high level of customer service.  Each client speaks directly to the portfolio manager responsible for their account.  In other words, the person that gets to know you the best is the person that makes the final investment decisions for your portfolio.

We have a skilled investment team, with experienced portfolio managers, coming together from a wide range of backgrounds, but sharing the core belief in serving individual clients’ needs.  The diversity of backgrounds within the team members allows us to analyze investment opportunities from different perspectives and better understand the risks surrounding each decision.  Every investment has risks, the key to a strong portfolio is to understand those risks and to manage the correlations between them.

The independence of the firm ensures an objective analysis of investment opportunities.  We only serve one master – our clients, and our focus is on providing strong risk-adjusted returns, that help each client meet their unique financial and life objectives.  Contact Kimberley Garston, Portfolio Manager, Associate Advising Representative and Manager, Client Relations at 647 352 5100 or at [email protected]