Message from the Chair

By Penny Connors

What is going on!

While a year ago we were all optimistic about what was coming with vaccines on the horizon and hopefully an early spring, it seems so odd to be here again and trying to sort out where we are headed.

Like so many in our sector, it is hard to count how many conversations we have had about whether we will be in person or virtual in 2022 and trying to determine what hybrid will actually mean for our guests and for our staff and volunteers in our planning and execution.

I truly value the friendships I have made over the years through CSAE and Trillium specifically. We have all shared a few laughs at our various events, the Summer Summit, the Winter Summit and the drives to the various venue locations. What 2020 and 2021 has taught me to appreciate even more is the connections Trillium has given me with other sector members who are going through difficult times and challenges unlike any we have ever seen before. We are a solid team at Trillium and work hard to bring programming to our network that we know is of value because of our own shared experiences.

As we all embrace 2022 with perseverance, optimism and yes, some skepticism, I want to wish you all a safe and health new year and say that I look forward to seeing you at Deerhurst Resort (hopefully!) for Summer Summit 2022.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for continuing to plan PDX events and for looking for ways to stay connected with our CSAE peers.

Happy new year everyone!

Penny Connors is the Executive Director of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Greater Toronto Chapter (AFP-GTC). Connect with Penny on LinkedIn.