Not All Heroes Wear Capes! An Awards Event Q&A with Krista Cameron, Awards Committee Chair & Emcee Extraordinaire!

Q: “Not all heroes wear capes” is the theme of this year’s awards celebration. It certainly resonates this year as we’ve come to see the truth of that statement in action in many ways — across the sector and beyond. Does this mean attendees to the events are in for a serious and somber celebration?

Of course not: we’ve had too much seriousness over the past year!  This is a celebration to have fun, celebrate together and revel with those who give back to our CSAE community.  We know volunteerism is about normal people giving of themselves and one thing we’ve learned especially now is that everyday people can be heroes.  So this event will recognize some of our ordinary/extraordinary heroes.  Plus, with a theme like this… I might get to wear a cape!

Q:  Krista, this year the awards event is happening on a pretty special week:  National Volunteer Week.  Is there a connection?  

Absolutely. We intentionally moved the awards event into National Volunteer Week.  We thought it was fitting, given all our award nominees are made up of volunteers.  It’s also a great opportunity to recognize and thank all volunteers (not only award nominees and recipients) and shine a light on them during this event.

Q:  As the emcee, what are you doing to prepare?

Lots of preparations are underway! There will be engagement, volunteer recognition, networking, prizes and, in general, excitement.  A lot has changed with the awards process. There will be finalists and the recipient in each category will be revealed live… even the finalists won’t know who the recipient will be until the envelope reveal…. Think Oscars!  Oh, and did I mention fun? Lots of laughter and maybe even a costume or two?!

Q: The CSAE Leadership Awards are taking place a little later on the same day. What’s in store for Trillium members who may want to attend both events?

 More of the same on the engagement side, more networking and a chance to cheer on peers who were nominated – and applaud CSAE volunteers.  The CSAE community is made up of the networks so I’m hoping all members across the association would support all nominees, recipients and volunteers: they are all deserving of our applause and thanks!  Plus, I’m part of Trillium and as the reappearing emcee if I have to come back, they should too!  I can’t wait to see everyone from Trillium and across CSAE for a great day of celebration!

We encourage you to join us in honouring our very own champions. Register for both the 2021 CSAE Trillium Awards and the 2021 CSAE Leadership Awards.