President’s Message- Joan Lee, January 27, 2014

Joan Lee, CAE President CSAE Trillium Chapter
Joan Lee, CAE
CSAE Trillium Chapter

If you are looking for a better understanding of what work-life balance is, the definition on Wikipedia might be helpful. It states that “work-life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between work (your career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).”

As a result of advances in technology we are more apt to be “connected” to our work outside of the “normal” hours. Emails, computers and cellphones allow us to accomplish our tasks outside of the traditional office walls. We find ourselves checking these devices throughout an evening with friends and family or during weekends and vacation.

According to Wikipedia, researchers have found that employees who consider their work roles to be an important component of their identities will be more likely to apply these communication technologies to work while in their non-work domain.

Is maintaining a balance an easy task? Absolutely not!

But doesn’t it really boil down to choice? We, as individuals, must choose what is best for ourselves, our friends and our families. You need to find the correct work-life balance for you and one of the ways you can do this is to talk to people experiencing the same challenge. Not only will you benefit from the mutual support, you can also share ideas on how to manage your busy schedules. CSAE members are very fortunate to have many forums during which to do this – one being the upcoming Winter Summit. It’s not too late to register – check out the Trillium Chapter website and register today.

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