Q and A: How Are You Having Some Fun with Your Colleagues While Working From Home?

By Sherry Lucia
Tourism Product Development Specialist- Convention Sales
Tourism Hamilton

COVID-19 has forced many of us to work from home and it’s more important than ever to keep our human connections nurtured.  For many of us, working from home is a new challenge and we are also forced to balance work, kids, spouses and pets 24 hours a day.  I have taken on a new hobby of producing family TikTok videos, minus one 11-year-old son who is completely embarrassed by us.  It has provided lots of laughs for my colleagues and clients.

We asked some of our CSAE Trillium Chapter association and supplier members to share their stories about how they are making “working from home” productive, efficient and engaging for their teams while also providing some good old fashioned fun.  Here is what some of our members had to say:

Allyson Tonelli
Tourism Kingston

Our team has put together a calendar of events that include colouring contests, crazy hair day and silly socks day.  We also had a lot of fun producing a new video called “Together at Home” where my husband made a quick appearance.

Karen Dowhan
Tourism London

The Tourism London team have shared lots of laughs via regular Zoom calls which have included city related trivia questions, live scavenger hunts, timed house hunts for baby pictures, dryer sheets, favourite books or an item with another city’s logo on it.

Cheryl Connors
Canadian Network for Respiratory Care

Many of our members are on the frontlines working in acute care with patients. Our initial focus is to get them the education they need to stay safe. Early mornings and late nights have left me trying to jump on a last-minute call and making a mad dash to look presentable. I have also become quite adept at my own version of sign language to make my husband and son go away when they walk into one of my conference calls.

Jennifer Campbell
College of Family Physicians Canada

Our team Zoom meetings also include games such as Jackbox, trivia, sharing our favourite Netflix series, wearing your favourite logo t-shirt and video lunchtime walks.  We are loving and appreciating the interruptions from kids, cats, dogs and Amazon deliveries.

Sherry has been in the hospitality and tourism industry for 16 years and has been a CSAE supplier member for 5 of those years.  She has sat on many volunteer committees for the Winter and Summer Summits and a contributor to the CSAE Forum magazine for 2 years.