Request for Proposal – Lightning Talks Presenters


Request for Proposal – Lightning Talks Presenters

2020 Annual Winter Summit

February 5-7, 2020
Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre , Alliston, ON


Lightning Talks at the CSAE Trillium Winter Summit!

Lightning Talks are quick presentations intended to stimulate new ideas, present innovative solutions to common challenges, and inspire conversation. 20 slides, 20 seconds each, 7 minute presentations.  Kick back and enjoy learning in this fast-paced session.

Lighting Talks offer the freedom to present great content without preparing a full 60-90 minute talk. While Lightning Talks are not sales pitches we do encourage business members and suppliers to the association sector to propose talks that present generic solutions to common problems. See below for some sample themes.

When & Where

Lightning Talks will take place during breakfast on Friday, February 7th at the Winter Summit.

Lightning Talk Format

20X20 Talks: 20 slides, 20 seconds each, i.e. just under 7 minutes

A 20X20 talk is 20 slides at 20 seconds each in the style of PechaKucha or Ignite formats. We’ve included some helpful links below so you can explore further. These are highly recommended reading and viewing for anyone considering submitting a 20X20 talk.

20X20 Talks require different preparation than typical conference sessions. Some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Your slides are not visible long enough to be a major focus of your presentation. The slides should support what you’re saying, not make the point for you.
  2. You’ll only have time to present 1 or 2 main points, explained or supported by your slides. It may be best to show one data slide and use the remaining slides to briefly introduce the idea and explain the rationale and consequences of the main point.
  3. Your slides should focus more on quick, powerful visual impressions than on details. If you’re including complex figures or more than a couple of simple bullet points, then you’re saying too much on the slides.
  4. Data intensive slides are very likely to create significant pacing problems for you. Since each slide is up for 20 seconds only, be careful about including too much content on a slide.
  5. The slides will advance every 20 seconds, whether you’ve said everything you wanted to say or not. Plan for no more than three sentences for each slide (although two is better). Practicing your timing in advance is critical to avoid falling behind.
  6. Assume your first and last slides (and therefore, 20 seconds) are here to introduce your topic and to wrap it up, respectively.
  7. REHEARSE! Practice is even more important for a 20X20 presentation than it is for traditional talks.
  8. Don’t let these differences intimidate you! Just be prepared and have fun!

Each 20X20 talk will feature 20 slides that advance automatically every 20 seconds. While there will be no scheduled time in-between individual presentations for Q&As, we encourage you to use the ample networking time built into the conference program to connect with speakers and pursue more in-depth conversations. These sessions will not be recorded.

Resources to help you prepare for your talk:

PechaKucha 20X20 Website FAQ

A PechaKucha about PechaKucha

How to Make a PechaKucha

Building a PechaKucha in PowerPoint

Sample Themes

Possible session themes include, but are not limited to:

  • A new approach your association has taken to a common challenge
  • New technologies that have saved your organization time and/or money
  • Strategies that have been successfully implemented in your organization
  • Trends you think will affect the association sector in the coming years
  • Solutions you think association professionals will appreciate
  • Life-changing and even life-saving tips you want to share
  • Wacky ideas that you think your peers might want to hear


Be creative! Feel free to go off the conference beaten path with your submissions. Lightning Talks are a chance to share information with your colleagues that would not fit into the usual session format. The more concise speaking slot works well with a more conversational and storytelling presentation style.

Given just a few minutes to speak, what would you share with other association leaders? What would you most like to learn from your peers?


How to Submit

Please use the submission form below and submit your proposal to Tracy Blyth at [email protected] by December 6, 2019.

Final selection of speakers will be made on or before Friday, December 20, 2019.

Submission Tips

  1. Make sure your title and description accurately reflect your session content! When considering a title, keep in mind that it should be able to stand alone and clearly convey what your presentation will cover.
  2. Ensure that your description reflects learning objectives so that the right people are encouraged to participate in your session.



RFP SUBMISSION FOR Lightning Talks (please follow this RFP format)

Submission Deadline:  Friday, December 6, 2019


SPEAKER(S) CONTACT INFORMATION.  Please provide contact information for all potential speakers.

First Name:

Last Name





Links to Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, website, etc):


About the Speaker(s):

A brief bio on the speaker(s), including websites and social media, if applicable, to be no more than 50-75 words, suitable for printing in the conference program to promote the event and your session.

Important:  Please provide a link to an online video of the speaker presenting to an audience.  If this is not available please tell us why.



Session Title:

Session Overview/Description: No more than 100 words (to be used in conference program)

Please describe how this a hot topic for the sector and why this session is important for our audience (200 words or less).

Key Takeaways:

Please complete this sentence:  After attending this session, participants will be able to:

Takeaway 1:

Takeaway 2:

Takeaway 3:

Target Audience (100 words or less):

Who is this session designed for?  Association Executive, Business Members or both.  Large associations, small associations or both.  Explain how this session will meet the needs of the audience(s) you’ve specific.

Please submit your proposal to:  [email protected]