Small Associations Achieving Big Results

A PDX Workshop for Small(ish) Associations

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

8:00 am: Breakfast               9:00 am -1:00 pm: Workshop and box lunch

Location:  Radisson Admiral Hotel – Toronto Harbourfront

249 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, ON M5J 2N5

 Early Bird Registration Deadline: May 7, 2019

april18-1How to Operate Your Small Association Effectively and Strategically

Panel moderated by Meredith Low, Principal, Meredith Low Consulting

When you’re small, you run the risk of being – and feeling – inefficient, because you just don’t have scale and yet still face increasingly complex demands on your organization.  Finding time to be strategic and innovative can seem next to impossible when you’re focused on just keeping the wheels in motion. Attend this session to learn how some of your peers have risen to the occasion to operate effectively and strategically.

Areas of exploration will explore:

  • Picking your strategic areas of focus – and the importance of saying no
  • Where can you be just “good enough” – to free up resources elsewhere?
  • How do you design an organization that’s efficient and responsive?

Navigating HR Challenges Within a Small Association

april18-2Presented by:  Laura Williams, Principal, Williams HR Law Professional Corporation

It has become challenging for employers across all industries to stay current with the many changes that have occurred recently in HR law.  A lack of effectiveness in managing HR issues can result in unnecessary cost and reputational issues. Small associations are particularly impacted as they often don’t have access to legal or HR resources to support them, and because of their size HR-related issues can significantly derail organizational objectives. This session will assist small associations by identifying key areas of focus, exploring how to minimize risks and determining strategies to streamline HR practices.  Topics covered will include:

  • Key areas of HR law compliance to focus on to manage employment-related risks
  • The importance and benefits of effectively communicating expectations, obligations and entitlements through agreements and policies
  • The difference between hiring a contractor vs. contracting staff
  • The importance of “fit” in your workplace culture, and considerations when dealing with workplace issues in a small staff

Small Associations Producing Big Results

Presented by: Erin Roberts, Partner, Zzeem

april18-3This session will feature case studies of small associations that are achieving big results with a focus on marketing, member recruitment, and non-members dues.




8:00 am – Breakfast

9:00 am – Workshop begins

1:00 pm – Workshop ends with a box lunch to take home

Registration: Before May 7, 2019
CSAE Member – $110
Non-CSAE Member – $150

Registration: After May 7, 2019
CSAE Member – $145
Non-CSAE Member – $185

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