Strengthening your Association with the Help of AI by Erin Kelly

Strengthen Your Association with the Help of AI

Are you having trouble recruiting new members or proving your association’s value to current members? You are not alone.  With a little help from artificial intelligence (AI), you can attract new recruits, delight current members and strengthen your organization.


Attract new recruits

From digital ads and video streaming to radio, television and billboards, there is limitless competition for the public’s attention. To attract new members, you must promote your association with an up-to-date message that advertises your organization with a current, positive message that potential members will believe and engage with.

As the CEO of an AI company and a chartered professional accountant, my face is currently on bus ads and billboards across Canada as part of an ad campaign for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. CPA Canada wanted to portray chartered accountants with a modern image that shows them as innovative leaders who provoke change and plant seeds for new opportunities.

Using a service called Message Optimization, without the need to spend time and money to A/B test campaigns, our AI (Polly) was able to identify the right go-to-market messages around these themes that Canadians will engage with and help change the perception of chartered professional accountants.

Create raving fans and brand ambassadors

How do your current members benefit from being part of your association? As an executive and leader, it is your job to understand your current members and create boisterous advocates for your organization.

With AI, determining the needs and goals of your members is cost-effective and can be done in near real-time.

Topic Discovery is a unique AI service that interprets the opinions and intentions of your members without asking direct questions which cause bias. Using publicly available online information such as Tweets, Reddit Forums, and Instagram posts, AI tracks a representative sample of your target audience (in this case your members) and interprets their opinions and intentions, giving you insights into the type of help they are looking for. With this information, you can adjust your programs and resources to ensure you are addressing their needs and helping them reach their professional goals.


Reach your target audience

Whether you are promoting the benefits of your association to current members or trying to attract new members, you must reach your audience to be successful. People can get information from a wide range of sources, and it’s crucial to place your ads and content where your target audience spends its time.

Do you know the websites or publications your members read? Do the new recruits you are looking to target watch TV, or prefer YouTube? AI has the answers and can attribute your audience with the exact sources they are engaging with friends and family, billboards, social media, radio, streaming video, TV – you name it, we can measure it.

Advanced Symbolics Inc., recently did some work for a professional trade association that wanted to improve the recruitment of high school graduates. We created a representative sample of recent high school graduates and our AI interpreted the sources and types of content the group was consuming.

The target group was receiving their information about the trade from family and friends, along with online streaming sites significantly more than the competing industries. Our client used this information to adapt their media mix and advertising to successfully reach recruits where they were most likely to engage with the ads and content.

If you think this comprehensive research is expensive or even impossible, think again. We work with associations and organizations throughout Canada and 15 countries across the globe.  We encourage our customers to start with a small, inexpensive AI-driven research project then grow from there. These projects are easy to get up and running within 30 days.


Erin Kelly is the CEO of Advanced SymbolicsInc. and can be reached by telephone at 613-322-0631.