A farewell message

By Penny Conners, Past Chair of Trillium Network Council

My term as CSAE’s Trillium network Council Chair has come to an end. Here’s my last Chair message in Forum and another chance to send a huge thank you to all of the CSAE staff, the Trillium volunteers, our members and colleagues across the country. My appreciation shines as well on my fellow Trillium network Council volunteers.

What an interesting, challenging yet fun year! As we continue to sort through the impact Covid has made on our professional and personal lives, we find gratitude for our support systems, including CSAE peers, that always help us move forward. And while 2022 was not the ‘normal’ we had all hoped for, it is still shaping up to be an amazing year of in person and virtual events. Personally, I embraced every opportunity to meet new friends, and connect with friends not seen in a pandemic minute. How refreshing to connect again with the special people I’ve only seen over the past 30 months in the square of a muted Zoom screen.

Based on all of the social media updates and discussions I have had with friends, the CSAE Reunite conference in Halifax this month was a major success. A big shout out to our amazing CSAE staff, sponsors and business members, including our hosts in Halifax.  Congratulations to the award recipients and another graduating year of new CAEs. Well done on these impressive achievements.

I want to express my pride and confidence that CSAE’s Trillium network will continue to thrive, reunite, welcome and learn under the leadership of our new Chair, Amanda Cormier. Please help me in welcoming Amanda to this important volunteer role.

It has been my distinct honour to serve as Chair of this great CSAE’s Trillium network. Let’s get ready to celebrate as I encourage everyone to attend the Trillium holiday gala on December 8. I hope to see you there.

Thank you.