A Refreshing Refresh

The FORUM committee is excited to launch a new version of the “Refresh”. As you may be aware, FORUM is published quarterly and in the first monthly issue we include new articles followed by subsequent monthly issues that include links to past articles. We do this to keep the conversations alive and draw attention to older articles that are still relevant.

In our current world where time passes in the blink of an eye, some of what was old is now new again, and a lot of what was new in the past is outdated now. The FORUM committee has been reviewing older articles, those that were published five-ten years ago, and looking at how they have held up. Are they still relevant? Are they even more relevant now? Where possible, we are contacting the original authors of articles that are still relevant and asking them to write a “how times have changed / stayed the same” article. If the original author is not interested, not available, or not found, other authors may be sourced.

This first issue includes two refreshed refresh articles:

Bitcoin and its Potential: Considerations for Associations by Jason Shim and Anne Connelly, originally published in June 2015, has a follow up article in this issue that describes how bitcoin is more relevant than ever for non-profit associations.

The Impact of Young Staff on Technology by Wes Trochlil was originally published in June 2014. Wes updated the article, giving a “current state” note after each point. A fun way to read the original article!

We encourage you to read older issues of FORUM and let us know if something catches your eye that you feel needs an update. Or if there are stories you want to read. Or stories you want to tell!

Amanda Cormier is the Chair of the CSAE Trillium FORUM committee. She is currently secretary of the CSAE Trillium Council and Director of Communications, Education and Events at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society.