Call for Authors!

Do you secretly dream of being a published author but don’t have a forum to share your brilliant ideas? Are you an experienced author looking for more places to contribute? Does your 10-year old daughter say “shhh” whenever you start pontificating on the many wise and wonderful thoughts running through your mind? We’re here for you!

FORUM is the newsletter of the Trillium Network of the Canadian Society of Association Executives. It is published quarterly with issues appearing monthly. It is distributed by email to over 1,300 association executives and business members across the Network.

We welcome articles written by Trillium Network members and others on topics of interest to the membership. Article length should be between 600 and 1,200 words.  Submissions are accepted any time.

Authors, Please Note:

We cannot publish every article that is submitted. Authors will increase their chances if they follow these guidelines:

  • The topic is relevant to readers
  • The article is well organized
  • The article is not too broad in scope, or conversely, too specific
  • The article or the topic is not self-promotional, nor does it market a product or service available from only a small group of select vendors
  • It provides examples from the association sector to illustrate the premise of the article

To submit an idea or article, please contact [email protected] with the subject line “FORUM article”