Together Again! A summer to remember

How is it the end of July already! Summer just goes way too quickly. In celebrating summer this year, it was just amazing to see the Summer Summit event at Deerhurst be such a success!

While I was not able to be there myself unfortunately, to see the LinkedIn posts and updates along with stories I have heard from friends and colleagues who were there is just wonderful. Feedback from attendees included how special it was to finally meet in person without a square around each face, how nostalgic an event it was for long term Trillium attendees after three long years and how much everyone just needed an in-person learning event with fun, relaxation and time to reconnect. Water and a beach is always good, too.

Thank you to our Summer Summit co-chairs Kris Knox and Rebecca Harris, the Summit Committee and the CSAE staff team for making it all happen, doing a great job on speaker selection, mixing learning with fun and bringing back the vibe of the Summer Summit we all enjoy.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy rest of summer full of time with family, friends old and new.