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Destination St. John's

We Don’t Act Our Age

St. John’s, the capital of Canada’s youngest province, Newfoundland and Labrador has been welcoming adventurers from all corners of the world for 500 years. St. John’s is a storied city whose people hold fast traditions while embracing modern amenities. Rich with history, rife with culture and sprawling with natural beauty, St. John’s is a city of exaggerated proportions.

Location, Location

Being the most easterly point merits its very own time zone, half-an-hour off-kilter with the rest of the world. It is also the only place where the crossing of the humpback whales migratory paths and the icebergs that broke off from the glaciers north of Greenland, which are drifting south, can be seen from land. Cool!

An Urban Experience Like No Other

Beautiful vistas, unique culinary experiences and eclectic architecture are the start to an urban experience that feels like no other. As you weave through the winding alleyways you’ll encounter fashionistas, chefs and musicians. You will be dwarfed by towering Cathedrals, ancient trees and the harbour’s high peak hillsides and instantly know that the ties to a European past are strong. There is an inexplicable sense that you have walked the streets before, a familiarity that can’t be explained and a friendliness of the colourful characters you meet that has to be experienced to be understood.

Big News, Big Incentives

To be completed in December 2015 and opening in January 2016, the expanded St. John’s Convention Centre will make St. John’s—already a great host city—an even better one. The $60 million expansion will double the capacity, expand westward and create a direct link to the Delta St. John’s Hotel, creating 100,000 square feet under one roof. With 47,000 square feet of divisible function and meeting space you’ll be able to bring even more people to St. John’s to share in the magic of a one-of-a-kind location.

Floor plan highlights:

Ballroom – 19,550 sq. ft. – divisible by four
Crush Lobby – 13,600 sq. ft.
Junior Ballroom – 7,600 sq. f.t – divisible by four
Meeting Rooms – 6,100 sq. ft. – divisible by 10

We want you to bring your group to experience the St. John’s Convention Centre. There are exciting booking incentives available for 2016. Contact Destination St. John’s to learn more.

Here’s something that might surprise you: those who attend conferences in St. John’s tend to travel with more people and stay longer, on average, than when they travel to
other destinations.

We’ve Got Your Back

And when it comes to planning your event, Destination St. John’s is all you need. We can help you with: hotel availability search, site selection review, familiarization tours, comprehensive destination bid proposal, pre and post convention planning, presentations, collateral support, customized support services and promotional material support.
Destination St. John’s can help bring this experience to life for your groups. Put our years of experience of living and enjoying this unexpected treasure, to work for you.

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