Getting to Know Your Trillium Network Council – Krista Cameron

CSAE Trillium Network Council represents members across our regional network. This series of articles will allow you to get to know the volunteers who make up the 2021 Council. Each Council member was asked to answer questions about their professional and personal lives – to share a little of themselves. Our third Council profile is of Krista Cameron.

Krista Cameron is the National Director of Business Development and Industry Relations for Encore Canada.  Connect with Krista on LinkedIn –

When asked about her motivation to join the Council, Krista stated:

I had been involved in the Trillium community for years as a member, sponsor and volunteer but it wasn’t until I became a local that I had the opportunity to deepen my involvement.  I’ve always felt the Trillium community was like a family and spending more time with and for its members is something I’m passionate about.

When asked what she wished all members knew about the Council, Krista responded:

That it’s a very passionate group of dedicated people who work very hard to elevate the Trillium community.

Other than Council, Krista is also involved in the following committees:

I’m on the Trillium Membership Committee, I’m Chair of the Trillium Awards Program and the Pan-Canadian awards program, and I’m Chair of the Trillium holiday event.

The three words that Krista’s best friend would use to describe her are:

Loyal, honest, fun

If Krista won the lottery, she would:

Take care of my family and friends.

When Krista has 30 minutes of free time, she likes to:

Going for a walk in nature.  I’m fortunate to live in a community that’s surrounded by trails and since the pandemic it’s what I look forward to every day.

Krista’s proudest accomplishment is:

Making the big leap to move to the mainland and join the Encore team.  It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

When asked what is something people would be surprised to know about you, Krista had the following to say:

I’m a two-time grape-stomping champion.

Krista is a passionate volunteer with CSAE who brings a sense of fun and innovation to everything she does – it has been a pleasure getting to know her a little better. We look forward to ‘introducing’ you to the other members of the Trillium Network Council over the next several issues of FORUM.