Holiday Gala Recap

While it’s fair to say that the Rock  n’ Roll Hall of Fame won’t be expecting any new inductees from last week’s CSAE Trillium Chapter Holiday Party, it’s also true that thanks to committee, sponsors and an awesome audience, the Westin Harbour Castle hosted a truly memorable moment (in CSAE Rock history at least).

Okay, so it wasn’t LollaPalooza or Woodstock, but there were a lot of AV-Canada Lights, Fog machines, Blaring Speakers and all agree that Rock the Stars & DJP literally rocked the house.  Trillium Chapter President Steve Carroll may have summed it up perfectly when commenting that guest performers Bill Manahan, Lynn McGregor, Don Leddy & Constance Wrigley-Thomas “Killed it”.

While the evening is about enjoying the holidays and staying in touch with friends, another important goal is to raise funds for the chapters charity of choice; Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving.  This year, thanks to the generosity of all that donated prizes, sold tickets, bought tickets and prizes and of course the famed “Gold Boxes”, the Holiday Party Committee is proud to announce that we raised over $13,000.00.  Now that truly ROCKS!

Don Leddy, Allstream Centre, Chair of this year’s party thanks the committee for their hard work, dedication and in particular, the amazing effort on the day of the event in bringing our shared  vision to life.  In addition, he thanks Alice Parnis (Event Fusion), Robert Thompson (AV-Canada), Christine Buttler and Tracy Blyth of CSAE Trillium Chapter for their tremendous support.

Don is proud to pass the torch (or in this case the mic) to Heather Tyrrell, CAE, Water Environment Association of Ontario.  As chair of the 2016 Holiday Party, Heather will soon be reaching out to volunteers to assist in putting together next year’s party.  She’s already got some exciting ideas in store but she’s not telling.  If you’d like to be in on the secret, email Tracy Blyth at [email protected] to let her know you’re interested in stepping up to volunteer.

View photo gallery from the event by clicking here.