Niagara Falls Business Events

Destination matters. It’s clearly important to the 14 million visitors who make a point of visiting our famous waterfall each and every year. Still, we know great business events are about more than just an incredible view. Niagara Falls is also home to world-class wineries and cuisine, an impressive collection of branded hotels, a state-of-the-art convention centre, and, who can forget our entertainment and gaming opportunities too. All great planners know these amenities add value and attractiveness to the overall appeal of an event. That’s why the minute you add Niagara Falls to your list of destination considerations, you begin to discover why it has such a powerful effect on people.

The team at Niagara Falls Business Events is made up of trusted professionals who, besides being immensely passionate, really know their industry. Working in close contact with our destination partners, let them source your venue, arrange your accommodations and connect you with a proven network of event suppliers. Engage the team with your goals and ideas, and make the most of your Niagara Falls meeting experience. Whether you plan on it or not, plan to be impressed.  Please contact Feiona Gobin ([email protected])  or Paula Racher  ([email protected]) for more information.