It is our pleasure to tell you a little bit about Power Sport Services.

Power Sport Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of two not-for-profit associations.

Power Sport Services was created to bring the management and operation of the six association-owned shows under one roof.  This has resulted in significant savings for our members.

So what’s in it for you?  How can we benefit your association and your members’ and make you look good?

We understand associations’ needs and wants and we understand how to put on cost-efficient, profitable shows and events. Our staff includes former and present -day CSAE national and chapter Directors and leaders as well as former and present-day CAEM Directors and leaders.

We deliver enhanced value to the association and to its members.  We know how to make you look good and why that is important.

A sign of our success is that last year Power Sport Services was contracted to assist with the operation and management of one of Canada’s largest retailer’s annual trade show. Through our expertise, we were able to fine tune their RFP process in supplier selection and reorganize their logistics and material handling. Overall Power Sport Services was able to stream line the operations of the show, while delivering significant savings to our client.  Power Sport Services has now agreed to a two year contract with them through to 2020.

Together, the staff of PSS has over 120 years of consumer show, trade show and event experience. We have three offices – Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto.

We offer full live event management services – planning and production – plus consulting on a wide variety of event types, such as sporting, concert, corporate, or street events. Services include operations management, venue and supplier procurement, floorplan design, installation and removal planning, vendor and exhibit sales and CRM management, marketing, social media and collateral materials development, and programming development and procurement.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how you can leverage our expertise.

For more information contact:

Ray Sriubiskis – General General Manager of Shows   [email protected]
C: 416.272.9798